Fresh And Luscious Indian Cuisine

The quality and cleanliness of our food reflect our commitment to excellence. Our meals are prepared with extreme care and cater to various tastes. We strive to express a high level of quality with our food and services. Your satisfaction and our commitment are our top priorities.
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Exclusive Experience
Authentic Indian dishes are served at Desi Hood for a unique experience. Our menus are always designed with one goal in mind: to deliver delicious, elegant, and beautiful food.
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Perfectly Curated Menus

A commitment to creating the best means acquiring the finest ingredients and adding our creative touch to each dish.

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The Art Of Satisfying The Taste Buds
Featuring a novel approach to Indian cuisine, our culinary team provides a one-of-a-kind food experience.
Featuring Delectable Dishes Concocted By Our Chefs.

Desi Hood

Indian classics are highly acclaimed for their distinctive flavours but require expertise to prepare. Our chefs use authentic ingredients and techniques to prepare your favourite dishes, from appetizers to entrees to desserts. Every meal is fresh, using original recipes for a feast in every meaningful sense at Desi Hood Indian food calgary.

There are a wide variety of traditional Indian dishes on our menu, including chats; curries including egg, chicken, fish and lamb; and appetizers and sides like samosas and pakoras. Your Indian food cravings will be satisfied at Desi Hood.

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What Makes Us The Right Choice?

Indian food calgary
In our Indian cuisine, we use unique sauces and aromatic spices to add a rich, mouthwatering taste. Experience the taste of royalty at Desi Hood.
As an organization, our values are woven into everything we do. Every decision and recipe we make at Desi Hood puts our customers' happiness and health first.
We prepare your meal with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Sustainability and eco-friendliness are the core values of our company.